Land for Community Togetherness – Woodlands Community Garden

“Woodlands Community is a genuinely unifying and life-enhancing community resource – more than that – they are a part of our community. I know that they have helped many people struggling with isolation and mental health, they are also a wonderful resource to the general community. Generous, cheerful & always happy to help. I can’t praise them highly enough.”Louise, Woodlands resident

As expressed above by Woodlands resident Louise, the Woodlands Community is a charitable land story that looks to improve the lives of residents within the Woodlands area of Glasgow through fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Mother and child walking through Woodlands GardenWhether you live, study or work in the area, the organisation’s objective is to level-up the environment for all inhabitants through a variety of ways, including the promotion of artistic enterprise within Woodlands, promotion of learning and education, promoting health and wellbeing for residents, and protecting the natural and built environment of Woodlands. 

There’s many ways local residents can get involved with the Woodlands Community, and most recently they’ve been holding weekly Climate Coffee Chats during lockdown, to discuss the impact of climate change ahead of Glasgow’s COP26 conference. Other activities include community growing, composting, monthly film nights and a cycling drive to get residents out on their bikes!

Image credit: Laura Martin

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