Twa Burns Wood – increasing biodiversity and natural habitats

A new woodland area has been planted in East Linton near Dunbar thanks to a collaboration between a local business, a climate action group and landowners.


The project was originated by Caledonia Horticulture, which, under its One Planet Pledge, plants a tree for every bag of firewood they sell.

Caledonian Horticulture approached CAEL (Climate Action East Linton) – a community-based environmental organisation which cares deeply about the climate and biodiversity emergencies – as the business is firmly of the belief that working together helps empower everyone involved to take action.

Working with landowners Tommy and Robbie Dale, they have created a new woodland rich in native species – Twa Burns Wood – on an unused area of farmland at Drylawhill, just outside East Linton. The project complements existing conservation and biodiversity work on Drylawhill itself, where ponds have been reinstated and replacement hedges planted.

All involved in the project are keen to increase biodiversity and natural habitats in the area and Twa Burns Wood is fantastic step towards helping achieve that goal. Low-level trees were included in the planting to encourage ground nesting birds, whilst scrapes have been created to encourage waders and other wildlife.


In the spring of 2021, dozens of volunteers helped plant 756 trees on the five-acre site, providing continuous tree or scrub cover all the way from Ashfield right across to Ravensheugh Sands.

Caledonian Horticulture provided the trees and materials, CAEL organised and coordinated the planting teams, and support and advice was given by Proven Plants. CAEL will continue to monitor the aftercare activities until the trees are established.

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Twa Burns Wood – Sustaining Dunbar
Caledonian Horticulture
Climate Action East Linton