The First Group in Scotland to Receive the Scottish Land Fund Urban Aid Award in 2015 – Barmulloch, Glasgow

The Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) is a community development trust and registered charity working in Glasgow, serving Balornock, Barmulloch, Millerston, Robroyston, and Springburn.

It enables the delivery of a diverse range of projects, activities and services to support communities. Its aim is to work with partners in regeneration efforts to create vibrant communities and change lives.

Thanks to funding from a variety of sources, the BCBC demonstrates how, through community engagement, a local piece of vacant land can be reused to service the community’s needs.

At its core are the pillars of equality, empowerment, co-operation and learning together- its work has created a variety of community led initiatives that service all ages and demographics including a Create N Play group for kids, a computer club and a coffee morning.

By making better use of the land in their community, the BCDC is providing a vital service for the local people helping people to access the right services and support those struggling with their health, employment or housing. 


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For more information about vacant and derelict land in your area, please visit: Scottish Land Commission – Transforming Vacant and Derelict Land 

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