Kinning Park Complex – From Occupation to Ownership

With the local community at its heart, the Kinning Park Complex is an independent multi-use space in the southside of Glasgow.

A self proclaimed ‘platform for all kinds of great activity,’ the complex is home to an array of local organisations, including a dance troupe, sports groups, artists and musicians. Based (unsurprisingly) in Kinning Park, the unit is intended to create an affordable multi-disciplinary space for residents of the surrounding area including Kinning Park, Cessnock, Tradeston, Plantation, Kingston and Ibrox.

Beyond providing a physical space, the initiative’s goal is to unify the community around it by offering affordable halls, kitchens, office space and studios with a view to reducing loneliness and isolation in the community, building friendships and connections amongst residents, and fostering a genuine sense of community.

Following its near closure in 1996 due to council cuts, the complex has since become a member run organisation, with a view to becoming member owned in the near future via the communities newly formed Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The community consultation around the way that this land has been managed, and subsequently utilised, has had a profound impact on the community itself – enabling the community to create a space that is inherently rooted in their needs and wants. 

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