High Mill Development, Carluke – Restoring an Iconic Piece of Local Heritage



Having spent a great many years in a state of disrepair and disuse the High Mill development in Carluke has seen great progress of late, with a view to restoring this historical building and developing the land for community use.

Following purchase of the Mill and land on behalf of the community the initiative has received the go-ahead to commence alterations and renovations to the mill and former stable building, as well as beginning construction on several community use spaces and gardens.

The project has already made significant progress, and its recent Planning Consent aids the Carluke Community Trading Board’s goals of creating a Community Food Hub, Outdoor Classroom/Potting Shed, Changing Places facility and space for community meetings and events.


Chair of the High Mill Steering Group, Christine Warren said,

“This is such a significant step towards saving an important part of Carluke’s, and the nation’s, industrial heritage. The High Mill and its surrounding community garden can now be developed into a most wonderful asset for everyone in the Carluke community. This project has the capacity to fulfil so many physical and mental outcomes for the young and the not so young, for the fit and the not so fit. It will also provide job opportunities. As the project progresses, visitors will also come to see our High Mill in all its restored glory bringing an added benefit to our town. It is the beginning of an exciting time for Carluke.”

By taking control over a vacant and derelict piece of land, the CCTB were able to restore an iconic piece of local heritage, as well as combine this structure of old with modern features to be enjoyed by the local community.

This project is being supported by a joint initiative from the Scottish Land Commission and DTAS to help communities bring vacant or derelict land back into use.


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