From Derelict Site to Community Hub – Lambhill Stables

Built circa 1815, the Lambhill Stables are a truly unique architectural feature north of the City of Glasgow. The vision is to create a safe, inspiring community hub for residents to use that improves the north of the city. 

Lying derelict for many years, the building was taken into community ownership in 2007 and rebuilt in 2011. Lambhill Stables is now home to a social enterprise and community charity providing recreational and occupational training and employment opportunities –  it’s now a thriving meeting place with a café, gardens, and allotments to be enjoyed.

Located on the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal, the Stables are intended to improve the quality of life for residents of all ages and abilities. Alongside a variety of projects including a computer club, photography club, music nights and a community garden, the Lambhill Stables feature a Cafe & Kitchen that is run almost entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers and focuses on providing healthy yet affordable food for customers, including food grown in the local allotments.

Additionally, the Stables is a true Bike Hub it’s the perfect location – with a great deal of the surrounding land used as cycle tracks along the canal.


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