Abriachan Forest Trust

Abriachan is a scattered rural community of about 150 people set high above the shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland.

In 1998 the community purchased 540 hectares of forest and open hill ground from Forest Enterprise.

Since then, as a social enterprise, the Abriachan Forest Trust has managed this land to create local employment, improve the environment and encourage it’s enjoyment by the public through a network of spectacular paths, family suited mountain bike trails, innovative outdoor learning as well as health and well-being opportunities.

Abriachan Forest Trust’s initial aims of 1998 have not really altered but have been surpassed through a variety of successful developments over the years. As part of the Millennium Forest for Scotland – reforesting the Great Glen with native species was the springboard for the community to:

  • Improve and sustain the biodiversity of the surrounding area through sensitive land and forest management.
  • Create and support local employment.
  • Encourage access for all, with ensuing health and well-being benefits.
  • Provide and support outdoor learning opportunities for all.
  • Increase community capacity.

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